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10-Day Ayurvedic Cleanse

October 27, 2022 - November 6, 2022



10-Day Ayurvedic Cleanse



Brought to you by Ivette Desai at www.ivettedesai.com.

Please download ZOOM @ zoom.us to participate.


Are you looking to lower the toxic load you intake from processed foods or medications which you rely  on to improve your health and decrease conditions stemming from burnout, stress or inflammation?

Are you becoming more aware of how toxic these artificial chemicals are to your body and your health?

If you are feeling a need to cleanse, then you will be thrilled  to know that my upcoming Fall Ayurvedic Cleanse is starting soon (October 27th) AND I am offering YOU, my previous cleanse customers, a special early bird discount for a limited time. 

As you know, during these cleanses we focus specifically on reducing toxins from stress, medications, slowing down and unwinding unhealthy habits developed in the modern western world using ancient ayurvedic principles. 

Looking back over the last year can you count how much alcohol, how many painkillers, sleeping pills or processed foods entered your body? AND have you considered how much all of this is costing you financially & physically. 

I know, YUK! 

I decided to launch my bi-annual cleanses because when I was first diagnosed with osteoarthritis and adrenal fatigue doctors wanted to pump me up with medications too. 

Nowadays, a typical visit to the doctor might leave you with a bottle of pills to take daily to alleviate pain, anxiety, reduce stress, sleep better, adjust hormones. An easy and simple band aid to whatever you are trying to deny or avoid. 

However, I chose the path of changing my diet and lifestyle,  not wanting to be dependent on pills or the side effects. 

I think you are smart enough to admit that medications and magic creams are only a quick-fix right? 

Supporting the body with Ayurveda during my 10 day cleanse will help you  begin to heal from all the stress and dependence over the years, plus the other sneaky toxins… caffeine, alcohol , unhealthy diet, sugar addiction etc. 

In 10 days you will get to design your own journey, one that suits YOU. 

We follow my hugely successful Kaizen approach. With small incremental changes to help you adopt the habits mindfully into your life. You won’t feel rushed or stressed or overwhelmed. No. This is a tried and tested method I learnt from my studies becoming a coach with behavioral science and have used it with hundreds of my clients. 

We start October 27th and YOU, my wonderful, amazing client base, get the chance to buy the presale/early bird offer NOW for just $127. 

This offer expires on Sunday October 9th so don’t miss out. 

Click here now.




P.s Got questions about the cleanse, curious to know what’s involved and how it will affect your schedule? Join my live Q&A on October 4th and bring any questions that you might have. And remember, YOU get a special $50 discount price so only use the links available here. Register for this Q&A workshop here: